Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Anne Hutchinson- Family Life


Anne Hutchinson’s family life shaped her into the woman she became. Her father had strong beliefs against the Church of England, which he passed on to his family. They felt that people could communicate with God themselves rather then blindly believing what the clergy at the time was preaching. Once she was married, Anne and her husband voyaged to America spreading their ideas along with their 15 children. She valued family life and her commitment as a wife and mother.

Anne was born in Alford, England in 1591. She was home schooled by her father, which played a large role in her strong convictions against the churches teachings. While learning at home she read many of her father books on theology and religion. It was from her dad’s influence that Anne became the strong-minded woman that she was. She grew up always wondering and questioning the fate of people like the Indians who knew nothing about Jesus Christ. When she was 21 years old she married Will Hutchinson. Will had inherited his fathers dry goods business where he worked while he and Anne were married. They had 15 children total by the time her and Will left Alford and moved to New England. While in England she and her family would drive hours on Sundays to hear John Cotton speak. In 1630 two of Anne’s daughters died. There was a terrible plague that hit London and she said that she had an inner knowing from God that something was going to happen to her children, which prepared her for their deaths. John Cotton was also very influential in Anne’s life. He was a Puritan minister who spoke out against the Catholic Church but also recognized there had to be changes in the current Protestant ministry. He left Alford and traveled to America along with Anne’s eldest son Edward. They wrote the Anne and Will many letters from America and urged them to come visit. In 1634 after feeling she was guided from a passage she read in the bible her and Will set sail to New England with their children. While in America she acted as a midwife and held many meetings at her home to teach women that God would speak to anyone who listened to him. After her trial, Anne and her family were banished and moved to the Roger Williams colony. Problems followed them again. They were faced with hurricanes and earthquakes, which caused one failed pregnancy for Anne. In 1642 Anne’s true love, Will, passed away taking with him a part of Anne. Ironically a few years later Anne and her children were all killed by the Indians.

Anne’s and her family were faced with many hardships and tragedy. She had a lot of goals and a strong mindset in her beliefs that she was determined to achieve. She valued her fathers beliefs which eventually shaped her whole life. Her loses of her husband and children made her even stronger and more prepped for her situation. Family was one of the most influential parts of her life.


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